Jack Heath is proud of his radio show on iHeart Radio and he can help assist businesses on how to work with an iHeart sales pro and be a part of his show. As host of the syndicated iHeart Radio show, he has shown some of the state's and region's top businesses the power of AM & FM Radio as well as the digitall iHeart Radio app.

As former News Director and VP of WMUR TV and as a former reporter for WCVB TV in Boston and Maine's WABI TV,  Jack brings  and unparalleled skill set of content knowledge, creativity and connections to the table.

If you are looking to finally get your story framed correctly and tell your story to multiple audiences, he can help and has the connections to direct you to the best in the business.

Here's how you can accomplish your business and marketing goals:

  • Sharper Internal & External Communications
  • Treat your Own Company News Like Real News
  • Leverage Today's Multi Media Channels
  • Content is Always King
  • Sustain your Message
  • Pick the Right Strategic Partners to Help Grow Your Business through Smarter Networking
  • Select the best Non Profits to Help Your Community
  • Better Communications Boosts Employee Morale and the Bottom Line at the Same Time

Get your message out

Jack can assist you with crafting and circulating press releases and news articles as well as airing your message on the radio.

Improve the bottom line

More visibility means more buzz and more traffic for you and your business. Jack can help you reach your goals within your budget.

Be Heard

Jack has incredible connections across media outlets and businesses throughout the Granite State - and beyond. He can help share your story and get the attention of decision makers.

Get in touch with Jack

Interested in learning more? Want to speak with Jack Heath directly to assess your goals? Send Jack a message.